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Photography, video and film have been my tools to express life "the way I see it" ever since childhood. I started my visual passion with the wind-up Revere 8mm film camera my father purchased after returning from WWII along with a trusty Brownie Box camera.  My latest project has been photographing Vintage Barbie and Ken dolls in their original 1960's outfits. It began in 2009 while living in Miami Beach after spotting Vintage Barbie and Ken dolls in a fashion book on Lincoln Road.  I thought Miami Beach would be a perfect backdrop. From the beautiful beaches to the coolest vintage hotels in the world. I began selling them at the world-famous Antique and Collectible Market in Miami people loved them and they soon landed me in galleries from New York to LA. Eventually, I expanded the portfolio to include New York and Los Angeles. I've always had an interest in fashion and worked in the New York Garment Industry for many years. The vintage, quality and detailed clothing of the 60's really inspired me. I'm nostalgic for the 60's and the modern design of that era.... but then again who isn't!  My sense of humor, which is reflective in all my work, developed while growing up on Long Island (in case you aren't aware that's where all the funny guys come from).  My art is fun, with no serious statement, it might make you smile, sometimes laugh and hopefully hits a nostalgic chord in you.

dparise 2016