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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prints signed by the artist?

Each print is hand signed by me, David Parise, before being shipped.


Are the prints limited edition?

The original prints offered here are open edition. Limited editions of new work might be something offered in the future.


How are they prints shipped?

All the prints no matter what the size are shipped in a heavy mailer tubes. Prints 24" x 36" and larger should only be handled by a framer to avoid any damage. To remove prints from tubes insert three or four fingers to twist the inside of prints clockwise then remove.


What kind of paper and finish is used for the prints?

All the prints are done on Epson luster paper which is a pearl type finish not glossy and not mat in-between. They  are printed with archival inks and will last a lifetime. Avoiding direct sun is always a good idea anyway.


What if I don't receive my prints?

Please allow a few extra days even with USPS Priority Shipping they can be delayed. I will track the package for you and of course replace if lost. International orders take longer up to a couple of weeks so please be patient.


What about framing?

I frame sizes up to 24" x 36". Larger prints should be framed locally.  White sleek modern frame including mat, print and shipping (USA Only). Prices are.. 13" x 19"  $150...  17" x 22"  $200 ....24" x 36"  $285........Framing takes less than 10 days. Email me for ordering. For self-framing13" x 19" ....Ikea Ribba 16" x 20" works... Other sizes up to 24" x 36" ......If you're in NYC try A.I. Friedman on 18th St. off 6th Ave. for self and beautiful custom framing.


What is your return policy?

Small prints 13" x 19"  can be returned either by mail or to our street locations. Larger prints are custom made to order and can not be returned unless received damaged.